Friday, November 1, 2013

Minnesota Businesses Earn $38 Billion Annually in Online Sales

ST. PAUL, MN – Connect Minnesota today released the results from its new 2013 Business Technology Assessment that measures how businesses in Minnesota are using technology, and its potential for maximizing revenue opportunities and sustaining economic vitality in the state.
Among the key findings:
  • 24% of Minnesota businesses, or more than 34,000 businesses statewide, do not use broadband service, down from 27% in 2011
  • 30% of all Minnesota businesses allow their employees to telework
  • More than one in three Minnesota businesses (38%) earn revenue from online sales, and
  • Statewide, online sales account for $38 billion in business revenue annually
Broadband adoption and use is a vital component to keep Minnesota businesses – and our state’s economy as a whole – growing and competitive,” said Connect Minnesota Program Manager Bill Hoffman. “As more businesses adopt high-speed Internet service, the benefits of the technology will be leveraged to increase revenues, streamline operational costs, and allow greater flexibility for employers and employees. We must, however, be sure that our workforce is adequately skilled to compete in an global economy where technology is ubiquitous; and our data show that close to 40% of  Minnesota businesses are struggling to find employees adequately trained in the use of various technological applications.”

The report is based on a telephone survey of 801 business establishments across the state. Connect Minnesota invites you to explore and examine the survey results by clicking the link here and, most importantly, share the results.